Aspire to find your way always, it pays off.

Aspire to find your way always, it pays off.

To find a way, you need to acquire (or have) skills in two key areas, which are Persistence and Creativity.
To consistently stand out and succeed in whatever you are doing, you need to be able to find a way. Whatever needs doing, find a way to do it.  Nothing is impossible. 

Finding a way will always enhance your image. Improve your reputation and  this will ultimately lead you to a more productive and successful life. Finding a way to make a difference and succeed also sometimes means taking a chance.

Take a risk – and if you feel that knot in your stomach,  it means you are on the right track to great things. Besides its human nature to be apprehensive about new things.  But go ahead and find a way to be different,  be bold, be daring.
If you are in the business world,  you will always need to find a way to reach more customers and if you are practicing your profession ( work)  you need to find a way to keep good work relations.  

Be creative enough, say common courtesies like “thank you” and others. Always think about finding away.  Let people know what you are doing,  share your work with others.  “Finding A Way” makes wonders,  just apply it. 

Ms Joan Butungi MashanyuManaging Director 
Zion Institute Of Tertiary Studies, Bushenyi.

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