Have you ever tried to measure yourself as a person?

Have you ever tried to measure yourself as a person?

Julius Turinawe

The fact that you are present does not mean you are valuable. Value is determined not by being present but by making your presence positively significant.

If your presence in an organization, home or any other place does not amount to positive significance, then you are not only a waste of space but an obstruction.

It means you are seated in a space where someone else could have sat and made positive significance.

Every agent of mediocrity is an obstruction to agents of transformation.

What determines your significancy in the workplace, homes and other places is a personal choice. No one can do it for you.

When you die,who will cry? quite frankly, there is no point in dying if u never lived.

The fact that you breathe does not mean you live. The fact that you move around does not meant you are progressing. The fact that you are making noise does not mean you are being heard.

Life is measured by impact and not by being around.

You need to have your trademark signature in everything you do. In essence you may do what everyone does but you do it in a way that no one else does it. This becomes your signature. It is what people will remember.

The thing to differentiate you from the masses is your uniqueness.

Ironically, Uniqueness is one of the greatest things that have been fought by many and indeed by society yet when it thrives, it is claimed and celebrated.

Uniqueness is not hard to come by. The problem is that we have forgotten our true identity.

When mediocrity becomes so entrenched to the point of being cultural, then creativity will appear to be the odd one out.

Remember in a world dominated by fools, the wise appear to the majority as fools. You can find your value now,start it’s never to late to start.

The writer is an advocate at Turinawe Kamba and Company Advocates

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