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319 Graduate at Ankole Western University

by Amanyisa Zadock

About 319 students have graduated at Ankole Western University(AWU) during the university’s third graduation ceremony held at her Campus in Kabwohe, on Wednesday, 10th July, 2019. 

The students graduated in different academic programmes including Public Administration, Business Administration, Information Technology, Agriculture, Office Management, Social Work and Social Administration, etc. They graduated with Bachelors Degrees(11), Diplomas(196), and Certificates(112).The graduation was the university’s first time to graduate its pioneer Bachelors Degree students.

The ceremony, which was a precursor for the grand fundraising event scheduled on 20th July, 2019, was presided over by the AWU Chancellor and Bishop of West Ankole Diocese, The Rt. Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni as Rev. Nathan Ahimbisibwe, the Bishop of South Ankole Diocese officiated as the guest of honor.

Speaking at the ceremony, the guest of honor, Bishop Ahimbisibwe thanked the Bishop of West Ankole Diocese, Rt. Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni and his team for the support they have accorded to the University, the reason AWU has become a magnet attracting students from Uganda and beyond.

“Dear Chancellor, thank you and your team for the support that you have accorded this university from the time you came in as Diocesan Bishop adding to what the people of God were doing before,” he said

He emphasized that AWU, like any other learning center is for all the people as long as they qualify and meet the standards of the university.

The guest of honor also appreciated people who have contributed financially, socially, spiritually and gave in their property to develop AWU.
He requested the graduands to market themselves, make their presence and absence felt wherever they go, and remember that they have a mission for a reason, but for a season.

Bishop Ahimbisibwe also told graduands to desist from under looking the jobs provided those jobs do not contravene their values and God’s commands.
“May you desist from under looking jobs provided they don’t contravene your values and God’s commands. May none of you become ” Judas Iscariot ” of this university, your family, and nation by becoming its betrayer. Shun away from corruption. Go and make a difference,” he warned

The University Chancellor, Rt. Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni asked the congregation to promote quality and high moral standards.
“Our society has been hit hard by moral decadence and pseudonymity….Quality designations are put to fake and counterfeit products. Truth and falsehood are juxtaposed. Different ideologies have been coined to mar the sovereignty and objectivity of truth. May this not be allowed on this ground.” Bishop Twinomujuni said

One of the best performing students being awarded during the graduation ceremony.

He asked graduands to protect their bodies, maximize their potential, know and avoid vices of the times, exercise faith and reason, and keep learning.
The Vice Chancellor, Rev. Can. Dr. W.W. Kamukama said that AWU intends to focus on Agriculture as its niche program because the region and Uganda are predominantly agricultural yet with few Agriculture training institutions at higher level.

He asked parents to buy laptops, smart phones, and notepads for students to enable them fit into the digital age as the university copes with the digital revolution on its way to become a regional science and technology hub.

Twelve students graduated with distinctions and were awarded with prizes as a way of recognizing their excellent performance.

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