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BUHWEJU: NGO tasks district officials to explain illegal selling of government property, existence of ghost schools

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In June, 2020, a whistle blower raised a red flag against the Buhweju District Local Government officials accusing them of gross corruption and auctioning government land in different parts of the district.

The whistle blower also accused the officials of paying workers reportedly working in cope schools that are non-existing. The said cope schools include Kiramira in Nyakishana Sub County, Rwengwe (Nsiika) in Rwengwe Sub County, and Kitega in Karungu Sub County.

It is against this background, that a non-governmental organization, Uganda Citizens Alliance (UCA), has filed an information request compelling the district officials to provide information related to the allegations.

UCA tasked the office of the Chief Administration Officer to provide the information including the list of Cope schools in Buhweju district, list of instructors teaching in these cope schools. The NGO was tipped off by an insider that salaries have been paid to “ghost instructors” in “ghost cope schools.”

The office of the CAO according to the information request form seen by Countryside Reports, is required to make available the list of people who allegedly bought land at Karungu sub county headquarters and Kamira government land in Nsiika town council.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Karungu sub county officials connived and leased over 154 plots of government land to investors, each at 560,000(Five hundred sixty thousand) Uganda shillings, but were given receipts of only 60,000(Sixty Thousand) shillings.

Some of the plots said to have been leased to developers at Karungu Sub County headquarters.PHOTO BY ZADOCK AMANYISA

According to the information request form, up to 154 plots were developed by people whereas Kamira government land in Nsiika town council was sold to an investor, who planted eucalyptus trees.

The UCA director of programs, Mr. Elly Muhwezi told Countryside Reports that they submitted the request to ascertain whether the allegations related to auctioning of government land in Karungu and Kamira are true.

“We want to know whether it is true that government land was sold and whether government has been funding ghost cope schools in Buhweju district. When you reach at some of these so called cope schools, you wonder what capitation grant from government has been doing. You might find that the issue of having cope schools is just a cover and people have been stealing government money because these schools don’t even exist from what we have so far seen.” said Mr Muhwezi

Part of the Kamira land alleged to have been sold to an investor. PHOTO BY ZADOCK AMANYISA

“We want to see a copy of the advertisement through which the district called for qualifying buyers of Kamira land in Nsiika town council and the land that was leased to developers at Karungu sub county, plus copy of Karungu sub county council resolutions that allowed leasing of land” he added

He told Countryside Reports that after receiving the requests, which they did, the district officials are supposed to respond in a period of 21 days and going beyond that time calls for a court case.

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