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Bushenyi, allow Minister Karooro to Execute her Ministerial Duties

by Countryside Reports

Zadock Amanyisa

On Saturday, 4th January, 2020, the Cabinet Minister in Charge of General Duties in the Office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Mary Karooro Okurut Busingye moved to monitor the ongoing construction of a government Seed School at Kabushaho Secondary School in Igara East, Bushenyi district, where she is reportedly addressed a group of stakeholders including her electorates. 

After Karooro’s visit, a concerned citizen (name withheld) posted a photo on social media (Whatsup group) thanking the minister for monitoring the project. Hon. Karooro is also a member of the Ninth Parliament representing the Women of Bushenyi.

From the look of things, this did not go well with some people, including leaders advancing that the minister’s visit was politically motivated. A councilor at the district level attacked the minister on one Whatsup group and said that this was just cheap politics. 

This cheap politiking  will take u no where. The kabushaho thing was well handled by the district council n  it’s now at another level. Plz members learn to avoid propaganda politics coz it is synonymous with lazy n unproductive political personalities like ur candidate. We need to highlight on substantial achievements of candidates than concertrating on propaganda n smear strategy which no longer hold in this modern society. I beg to move.” The disgruntled councilor stated

As you can see, the councilor begged to move, meaning he was calling for a discussion. Don’t you think it backfired? Responding to the post one after the other, the group members gave the post the best contempt it deserved charging, that the councilor displayed immaturity of the highest order. The post caused an outrage! In fact, he (councilor) has not engaged in the discussion up to now. As if the councilor has something against the minister….

I am not a seasoned politician, but this is not a good way of doing things. What is the role of politicians? Don’t they provide direction to the led/electorates? From what I hear in corridors, Hon Karooro intends to run for the seat in the next election. I also hear other women have also lined up to compete for the seat. I have not seen anyone confirming that they wish to contest. May be I will get to know when time comes…

Whether Hon Karooro is going to contest for the seat or not, she is still a Cabinet Minister in the government that she has served for some good time. Like I said above, she is the Minister in Charge of General Duties in the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda. As a minister, Karooro is supposed and mandated to;

– Ensure efficient and effective implementation of Government Policies, Programs and Projects.

– Check harmony, consistency and synergy in implementation of Government Policies.

– Regulate, provide and Coordinate information about implementation of public policies, programs and projects.

If I may ask, how can Karooro do the above without reaching government projects to see how they are moving?

Article 79 of the constitution provides for the main function of Parliament, which is:  to make laws for peace, order, development and good governance of Uganda. In addition, Parliament is expected to perform the roles of oversight and representation of the electorate.

It is also re­quired of the mem­bers to fol­low up on im­ple­men­ta­tion of Gov­ern­ment pro­grams in their con­stituen­cies. The over­sight func­tion of Par­lia­ment is ef­fec­tively per­formed in many ways.

I think attacking the minister or Member of Parliament for doing their work is itself cheap and immature politics at play.

It is unfortunate that this attack and many others have come at a time when 2020-21 election temperatures are high. I have seen the Bushenyi district council get divided along political lines because different people belong to different sides. Leaders have already used the available platforms to speak ill against the ones they don’t support. This is bad. Have we forgotten that as leaders, we are letters read by many? If you don’t support someone, chill and do the needful when time comes instead of ranting on social media.

Social media has become an influential framework for political debates for better and worse. The latter has surpassed the former. At a time when social media is available for us, we should use it as a means to discuss development and spread ideas to the public. Don’t use it to attack each other. Otherwise, we shall have nothing to teach our children.

Politicians should also remember that the innocent public is watching them indulge in disgusting acts nauseating acts of bickery, and slander. If you are that kind of a leader, your electorates will not accept to be twisted around unethical vices of exploits, divisionism, and open air slander. Leaders at any level must do away with childish way of thinking in this age of reason.

As the New Year and decade begin, let’s take such behaviors to the back seat or make them move out. Dear Honorable politicians and leaders, cool your nerves and cast aside childish thinking. Seek to demonstrate political maturity as we prepare for elections because our Country is too small to be divided by such pettiness and behaviors, which are a low show of morals and ethics. 

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