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Bushenyi residents want district hospital

by Countryside Reports



Residents of Bushenyi district are making passionate cries to government to build for them a district government hospital or elevate one of the existing health center IVs of Bushenyi and Kyabugimbi to general hospital status.

Currently, there is an overwhelming number of low income patients flocking health centers for medical attention, but cannot get reliable care because health centers are not well equipped to handle complicated cases. 

Residents, who can afford have always made their way to private facilities of  Kampala International Hospital and Ishaka Adventist Hospital, located in ishaka town whereas those who cannot afford them skip health care because of the costs involved.

According to Mr. Richard Nkyeire, a resident of Bushenyi town, government has not worked on the issue ever since Bushenyi district was split into other districts, which are former counties of the greater Bushenyi. 

“The issue of lacking a district government hospital has been outstanding ever since the district was split into other districts. Government should look into it and weigh in.” says Mr Nkyeire

Some parts of Bushenyi are hard to reach areas and the household especially low income ones find it hard to get accessible and affordable health care at the time of need.

Countryside Reports understands that some patients have had to sell all they have to access medical services in private facilities.

Mr. Pison Mugizi, a resident of Nyakabirizi division in Bushenyi-ishaka municipality says the district leadership should explain why people can’t get a district government hospital. Once a district hospital is built in Bushenyi district, Mr Mugizi is optimistic that health services will improve and lead to creation of employment opportunities for the people of Bushenyi and Uganda.

Contacted about this issue, the Bushenyi district Local government chairperson, Mr Jafari Basajjabalaba told Countryside Reports that the district submitted the request to the central government and they are waiting for feedback.

“But for us we submitted what was required and we are waiting for the response.” Mr Basajjabalaba responded

Mr Mugizi, however, doubts if the said submission has ever been made because the district leadership has been reluctant about the issue.

An anonymous source told Countryside Reports that the district Chairman cannot push for a district hospital, yet his blood brother owns Kampala International Hospital, a private facility serving Bushenyi and its surrounding districts.

The Bushenyi-ishaka municipality Member of Parliament, Mr Gordon Arinda told Countryside Reports that he reported the issue to the President of Uganda, Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during his visit to the district in 2018.“This has been on my agenda…I raised it to the president when he last visited Bushenyi in October 2018, at Bushenyi main ground. I categorically raised it among our key issues, but he kept quiet. In his speech, he never made any mention of a district hospital,” said Mr Arinda

He added that he has written several requests to the minister and permanent secretary ministry of health over the same matter, but he has not received any response.

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