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Grazing animals refreshes the brain, says Museveni

by Countryside Reports

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said that grazing animals refreshes one’s brain to come up with many ideas.

“The grazing exercise is refreshing, one uses that time to think and come up with many ideas. That is how our parents came up with a rich language.” He said

The president made the remarks on Friday after spending time with his daughter, Diana grazing the cattle at his at the farm in Kisozi, Gomba District, where he “continues to breed high-performance Ankole cattle.”

He tells the youth find time and directly involve in farming because spending time in the garden and on farm brings about innovation.

“I encourage the youth not to abandon and neglect these practices whether you have a garden or cattle, find time and get directly involved. Besides creating wealth, it helps you innovate.” Mr. Museveni encourages

While at the farm, Mr Museveni and his daughter took stock of the cattle and discussed means of getting better yields.

Zadock Amanyisa
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