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How charging phones under the pillow nearly took Joan’s life

by Countryside Reports

Unfortunate stories of phones catching fire and exploding while charging have made several rounds on social media. Some people have taken them seriously whereas others have pressed the IGNORE button rendering them dramatic, but Ms. Joan Butungi Mashanyu, an entrepreneur in Bushenyi twon, Western Uganda, the very person that has always ignored stories missed by a whisker to leave planet earth. She survived being choked in the room after God sent angels to save her, a moment that has made her turn to God and begin a new life. She shared her story with Zadock Amanyisa

 “I have been reading stories of how people got burnt by their charging phones, but somehow, I have always thought that it is “wolokoso” or mere idle talk on social media.  I had never, at any time taken it seriously. I just survived death! God is real!

In the night of Wednesday 27th, 2019 at around 9pm before bedtime, I decided to charge my phones as I was planning to travel to Kampala very early in the morning. I had to first charge one as I wait for it to be full and I charge the second one. I had charged it on the socket near my bed so that I can easily notice it very fast when full and I plug in another phone.  Immediately sleep “stole me.”

About 20 minutes passed 11pm.  I slept and somewhere in the night, I experienced a very scary moment. As I was deep a sleep, a loud scary sound like that of boom woke me up, only to find that I was in my room, which was full of smoke.

The phone I had left on charge beside my sleeping pillow exploded, causing my pillow, mattress, and others beddings to burn to ashes. It’s the sound that woke me up and may be saved my life. The smoke was all over my room. I had to shout loud and my sister Jean came in immediately to my rescue.

 I am not sure what could have happened, but the phone was charging and maybe plus the heat from beddings, to my surprise my charger was and is still very okay.  So, I am still wondering. 

 To me God sent Angels to protect me, and I can repeat- God is real. God has given me a second chance of life, maybe he wanted me to sort out or accomplish some things. By now I would be in another world. I am still scared, but I am alive. It was a horrible experiment because smoke choked me for a while which should have taken my life.

Lessons learnt

From the experience, I learnt a lesson in hard way. I learnt to always not treasure phones because it is as if I have been taking them as my first priority to an extent of charging them near my bed so that I can keep using them.  Most especially in my free time. 

  I at the same time learnt to always charge the phone far away from the sleeping area. I also learnt to always pray and trust God even when we are going to sleep because we can’t know the exact time.  I relate this experience with that of Ethiopian airways.  People who boarded the plane knew they would reach their destination very well, but something different happened. Same here, I slept knowing that the night will be well.  It’s by God’s marvelous Grace that I am still living.

I felt I should share this information, you may find out there, there are people who do the same mistake I did- charging the phones placing them near their pillows or under the pillow as they sleep. Please let’s stop that habit, I have learnt in a hard and bad way.

Reconciling with everyone

In my life, I could be have wronged any one in a way or the other that is if there is any. I am truly sorry.

Never put a charging phone near your sleeping area/bed most especially under or beside the pillow. When it explodes, trust me chances of surviving death are minimum.
On a daily basis, we go to bed knowing that we will wake up well in the morning most especially when you are not sick. Some people don’t wake up, some do wake up. Those who wake up it is by God’s Marvelous Grace, always know that and never take it for granted.

People should always take the social media’s information very seriously, because what is talked about there is sometimes real. They should always listen to the advices given, charge their phones from the living room or study rooms, but not in the bed room, and they should not treasure phones so much to the extent of thinking that without it for a minute, they will lose something.  That was me. These days, phones have turned out to be close friends of people.  People spend more time on phone.  It is not good at all.

 I am glad and very thankful that I survived death for the second chance of life.  

I wish you God’s blessings!”

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