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Minister Karooro takes swipe at “critics” opposed to her long stay in office

by Amanyisa Zadock


The Minister of General Duties in the Office of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Mary Karooro Okurut, has taken a swipe at “critics” opposed to her “long stay” in office as Woman Member of Parliament for Bushenyi district, saying she still has unfinished business with the electorates.

Mrs. Karooro, who has represented Bushenyi women in Parliament since 2004, is seeking reelection in the 2020-21 party and general elections.

During an interview with this website on Saturday, Mrs. Karooro, a renowned educator, author and seasoned politician, said that those criticizing her for seeking another term in office as Woman MP, Bushenyi district need to know that hers is a continuous mission that has not yet reached its tail end.

“Sometimes, you can be there in leadership and you here some people saying that you have overstayed in office, adding that you have not performed. Leadership is a journey, a leader is always in a journey. When you begin something, you start looking at how you can fully furnish it and bring it to fruition. That’s how even government works. The Bible also tells us that God, our creator would create something today, look back to see how beautiful it is and go for another one the next day. That’s how we also do it in leadership because it is a journey,” said Hon. Karooro

“That’s how people have also complained about President Museveni, accusing him of overstaying in office. Staying long in office is not a problem. I am using that time to work on what I started,” she added

Mrs. Karooro noted that she still has unfinished business powered by the mandate of the people of Bushenyi, who have already shown immense support for her in the forthcoming election.

“I still have unfinished business with the people of Bushenyi, who have been sending me every time I come seeking re-election. I am continuing with the skilling program to make sure that the youth can get vocational skills and be self-reliant in future. I have always told people that it is better to receive a fishing net instead of fish. Someone who gets a net will be able to catch fish tomorrow” She explained

Not revealing whether this will be her final term, Mrs. Karooro asserted that her manifesto is corresponds with that of the Ruling National Resistance Movement, which is a continuous one.

Part of Minister Karooro’s skilling project graduation.FILE PHOTO

“My manifesto corresponds with the one of NRM, which is still going on. As you know, I have skilled more than 800 girls and women with hands on skills in salon, handicraft and they are now working. I also added 1400 boys and men, who got skills in motor vehicle driving, carpentry, building and construction, while others joined security. My Karooro foundation was recently earmarked as beneficiary of some funding from World Bank. You see! Mine is a mission and it is still going on.” She asserted

Minister Karooro is contesting with Mrs. Annette Katusiime Mugisha in the 2020 NRM primary election scheduled on 4th September.

She has been instrumental in promoting the rights of girls and women at national, regional and international fronts.


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