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MP Mwijukye donates 270 iron sheets to Karungu Seed School

by Countryside Reports

Countryside Reports


Located in Ntoboora B cell, Karungu Sub County, Buhweju district, Karungu Seed School has been shrouded in mystery and untold stories ever since it was sold ten years ago to the Government of Uganda in one of the biggest scams in the region according to history.

Government allegedly purchased Karungu Seed School between 2008 and 2010 at an exaggerated and whooping cost of 300 million Uganda shillings, which was later discovered to be above the then value. The then valuers allegedly took photos of a different school with an intention of inflating the value of the school. The Buhweju district leadership has since inception in 2010 tried to call for government’s attention in vain.

It is against this background that the Buhweju Constituency Member of Parliament, Mr Francis Mwijukye, has together with stakeholders embarked on constructing structure to house two class rooms and offices as one way of improving conditions for learners at the school. The structure is currently at the roofing level and the legislator delivered the iron sheets on 17t February, 2020.

“One day I visited Karungu Seed School and found students studying in embarrassing conditions. We embarked on constructing a two classroom and office block. I am happy to report the progress. The structure is up and yesterday (17th February, 2020), I delivered all the 270 iron sheets for roofing the block.” Mr Mwijukye said

According to Mr Mwijukye, government had started putting up structures at the school, but the contractor later abandoned the works at the foundation level, leaving the school to collapse. The school has few classrooms and some blocks are built of mad and wattle. Parents have also organized themselves to build classrooms after government’s failure to do the works.

Some of the iron sheets donated by Mr. Mwijukye at Karungu Seed School.

Sources privy to Countryside Reports say teachers are posted to Karungu Seed School, but they soon run away due to poor conditions.

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