Tuesday, August 4

Museveni to Social Media Followers: “Leadership is about thinking, not anything else,”

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The President of The Republic of Uganda, Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has said that “leadership is about thinking, not anything else.”

The President made the statement while responding to his social media followers. He has recently resorted to replying issues raised by his followers, something many have lauded.

He was recently pictured on computer responding to “Bazukulu’s questions” aboard his presidential plane as he traveled to Osaka, Japan for the Japan-Africa Summit.

“I like writing articles and manuscripts by longhand. It helps me to think better. Leadership is about thinking, not anything else” he says

“The picture you saw, I was in your Government plane flying to Japan for the Japan-Africa Summit. I write my messages in longhand and my staff- Precious and Samantha type them and, then, I proofread them and make the corrections before they bring the final copy that I, then, approve for sending.” Mr. Museveni explains

He adds” They then either bring the printed responses or I can read from the laptop as I was doing in the plane.”

The President is much appreciated for taking time to respond to questions raised by his social media followers.

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