Have you ever thought about Hiking for Charity? Have you ever thought about going out of your way to support the less advantaged girls to have access to education?

For the last 3 years I have been organising annual Hiking events to different parts of the country with the purpose of breaking stigma around #Menstruation and support the less advantaged girls with sanitary pads and knickers so that they can attend school with dignity.

Many Uganda communities in rural areas still believe that once a girl sees her first period, then she is ready for marriage. This is absurd and we must do everything possible to change this kind of thinking. That’s why we set out to Mt.Rwenzori. on 5th July with a group of advocates from different organisations ready to inspire the girls to stay in school and complete their education but also meet with local leaders and parents to sensitise them about the benefits of educating the Girl Child.

We supported girls at Nyarukamba Primary School in Karangura subcounty with sanitary pads and knickers plus other items like clothes, shoes, books and the like. That most astonishing part was the fact that we had to Hike for close to an hour before reaching the school.

This was quite a challenge to many while we wondered how the young boys and girls do it daily in search for education.

The team of advocates shared words of wisdom with the young students which we hope will keep the focused on their dreams.

I appreciate everyone that supported us in this campaign and I look forward to doing much more with you all as we strive to make this world a better place for all children.

No Girl should be forced into marriage just because she has seen her first period. That’s Crazy. Period.

Hope Nankunda

Raising Teenagers Uganda