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Ruhinda North Legislator makes case for politicians to support religious activities

by Amanyisa Zadock


A good number of politicians find it not necessary to invest their money in God’s business and participate in religious activities in their areas of jurisdiction. They only go to worship centers only when accompanying their friends and relatives in wedding and funeral times.

The Ruhinda North Member of Parliament, Mr. Thomas Tayebwa says, politicians who shun God’s business and refuse to actively participate in religious activities are taking the wrong direction.

 Some of my fellow politicians have a tendency of going to church only to attend wedding and funeral services of their friends and relatives. To me, this is wrong! As politicians, we should commit to doing God’s work and dedicating our lives to God. This will help us tackle many issues as a country. Our country has been infiltrated by many vices including abortions introduced by foreigners in the name of helping women especially in towns. As leaders, if we don’t give ourselves to God, we are headed to trouble because we shall have built our houses on sinking ground. Mr. Tayebwa explained

Mr. Tayebwa’s comments come after delivering 250 iron sheets to St. Mark Katerera Church of Uganda, a move he says is aimed at making worship centers in Ruhinda.

“To me, we should not stay in beautiful houses and leave God’s sanctuaries to stand neglected in wretched state. We should contribute towards the construction of such places” Mr. Tayebwa proved his case

This website understands Mr. Tayebwa has in the recent past facilitated construction and face-lifting of churches and mosques in his constituency.

Mr. Tayebwa added that his constituency (Ruhinda North) is becoming a model and worship centers must also be a reflection of what is happening in the constituency. He asserts this will be one way of thanking God for what he has done.

“This is also a way of thanking God for what he has done for us. On my program, I want us to have a model church and mosque in this constituency.” Mr. Tayebwa asserted


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